USJA Membership Info

Emerald City Judo Club is a proud member of the U.S. Judo Association (USJA).  In order to maintain our “Charter” club status and ability to participate in events, tournaments, clinics, and seminars that are sanctioned by USA Judo, U.S. Judo Federation, and USJA, we encourage that all club members register as a member of the USJA.  By doing this, members benefit by being able to participate in events and activities as well as having coverage insurance over and above what Emerald City Judo Club has as an organization in the event of injury during sanctioned events.  Additionally, all student membership cards, ranking will be submitted, recorded and issued by USJA for each member.

Below is the information and link to register as a member to the U.S. Judo Association (USJA).

USJA main website:

USJA Membership Application and Online Sign-up:

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